Frequently Asked Questions

About FutureNHS

What is FutureNHS?

The FutureNHS Collaboration platform is the only virtual collaboration platform from the NHS that supports people working in health and social care to make change, improve and transform across organisations, places and professions.

The platform allows members to respond quickly to the changing health and care landscape, most recently supporting its members to collaborate at scale during the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of the Long Term Plan.

FutureNHS is safe, easy to use and supports a growing network of people who want to work with others to accelerate their work. Members of the platform can join or create workspaces and communities to connect with others, learn and share.

Who uses FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is open to anyone working in or for health and social care. The platform supports commissioners, providers, senior management, front line staff, clinicians, health and social care colleagues, voluntary and community sector organisations, and other interested stakeholders.

How can I use FutureNHS for my work?

FutureNHS is made up of different workspaces and it is safe and easy to use.

Workspaces are self-contained areas with their own managed membership which are dedicated to a project, programme or subject area. All workspaces are managed by one or more workspace managers, who look after the workspace content, membership and general administration.

When you join a workspace, you can view information or get involved in a discussion with other members, and depending on permissions, you can also add and edit further content.

A workspace can either be open (accessible to all members) or restricted (membership access requests must be approved).

You can request to be a member of as many different workspaces as you require, to support you in your work.

How secure is FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is owned and managed by NHS England and is a safe and secure place to save, access and share resources and content. The platform is hosted and supported by the software provider Kahootz. For more information about the platform’s security please look at the Kahootz policies around security and safety.

FutureNHS is a transparent, open and accountable platform. Users cannot post content anonymously and workspace managers have access to an audit log to track activity.

In accordance with NHS England information governance rules, we ask all our members to take responsibility for safe use of data. Do not disclose any personal information. Do not share OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE content without prior authorisation from the workspace manager or content owner. Do not disclose any patient or service user identifiable details. Always ensure that the content you upload does not infringe upon any applicable local, national or international law or regulation.

For more information refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use FutureNHS as well as Microsoft Teams?

Both platforms enable health and care colleagues to work effectively and share safely online. FutureNHS is used for ongoing collaboration across organisations and geographies – joining up communities of practice and interest no matter their location, job role or organisation. Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) and other local collaboration tools tend to be used more often for online meetings, related chat and live document sharing, primarily within organisations.

For example, someone working in a CCG may be planning budgets and contracts with their colleagues using a MS Teams channel, and then engaging, sharing and discussing more widely with ICS partners such as local authorities and acute trusts using a FutureNHS workspace.

What features and functions does FutureNHS have?

Information discovery

Information discovery

members can browse for resources on specific topics of interest, contribute to discussions and subscribe to updates from workspaces of interest.

Group and community support

Group and community support

Groups and communities of interest can link up, share updates and stay connected, in one online space.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

members can create, share and add to each other’s knowledge using the case study tool.

Connecting with others

Connecting with others

members can build their personal and professional networks by connecting with others in forums, blogs and in community workspaces.

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration

a safe, central location for documents and files allows teams working across organisations and locations to share and participate.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

members can build databases, generate reports, run analytics and embed interactive dashboards into workspaces to track performance and aid decision making.

Starting to use FutureNHS

How do I become a member of FutureNHS?

  • Registering for an account
    FutureNHS is open to anyone working in health and care. You can become a member if you are invited to join a workspace by a workspace manager, or you can self-register on the platform if you work for a trusted organisation like the NHS and have an @nhs.net, @*.nhs.uk, @nhs.scot or @phe.gov.uk email address. If you have a different email to these, you can request an invitation to join the FutureNHS platform through the new members page.
  • Joining workspaces
    Once you have registered as a FutureNHS member, you will be able to search for and join more workspaces. Open workspaces are available for any member to join freely. Restricted workspaces operate on a membership basis, where workspace managers can invite individuals or FutureNHS members can request to join. Open and restricted workspaces are searchable to all members, helping FutureNHS users to connect with each other, share information and build their communities.

Login and password

How do I login to my FutureNHS account?

Visit the log in page for existing members and enter your email address and registered password.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, or you are not sure if you are registered to use FutureNHS, please visit the Forgotten Password page and enter your email address.

What is "Log in with @nhs.net"?

If you have an @nhs.net email address you can use your NHSmail email and password to log in or register with the FutureNHS platform. Clicking this button will temporarily redirect you to NHSmail to log in.

NHSmail is a secure email service approved by the Department of Health and Social Care.

What is "Log in with NHS England Apps?"

NHS England provides a range of analytical and digital products to support NHS professionals identify opportunities for improvement via NHS England Applications. If you already have an account with NHS England Applications you can use your account to log in to the FutureNHS platform. Clicking this button will temporarily redirect you to NHS England Applications to log in.

Help and support

How are members supported whilst using FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is centrally managed by NHS England, who provide training, support and information for members and those looking to join the platform.

Members of the platform have access to:

  • A dedicated FutureNHS support desk, available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm (to contact the support desk, click the blue 'Support' button on the bottom right of every page)
  • Online training sessions to support new and existing members with using the platforms features and functions.
  • Help guides and videos: including how to videos, forums and knowledgebase articles to support members and provide step-by-step instructions to navigate the platform and utilise the range of functionalities.

My question is not answered here

Please send your query through to our support desk, and a member of the team will respond to you.

Accessing FutureNHS on the move

Where can I access FutureNHS from?

FutureNHS is fully accessible online through desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.

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