Frequently Asked Questions

About FutureNHS

What is FutureNHS?

The FutureNHS Collaboration Platform is a digital cloud-based system which supports people from across the health and social care sector to work together more effectively. The platform enables people to share, learn and connect with others, to deliver high quality integrated health and care services for patients and service users.

FutureNHS is helping to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan, supporting local systems and partnerships to work more collaboratively and connecting teams across silos, departments and organisations.

Who uses FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is open to anyone working in or for health and social care. The platform supports commissioners, providers, senior management, front line staff, clinicians, health and social care colleagues, voluntary and community sector organisations, and other interested stakeholders.

How does FutureNHS work?

FutureNHS is made up of different workspaces. Workspaces are self-contained areas with their own managed membership, which are dedicated to a project, programme or subject area. All workspaces are managed by a workspace manager, who looks after the running of the workspace, look and feel, access to information and management of the membership.

When you join a workspace, you can view, edit and add to information or get involved in a discussion about a relevant topic with other members.

A workspace can either be open (accessible to all members), restricted (membership access requests must be approved), or private (membership access is by invitation only - by a workspace manager).

You can request to be a member of as many different workspaces as you require, to support you in the work you are doing.

What features and functions does FutureNHS have?

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Platform members have access to an online library of resources, learning and information from across the system. Members can create, share and add to each other's knowledge within the FutureNHS Health and Social Care Wiki.

Connecting with others

Connecting with others

Members can build their personal and professional networks by connecting with other people and colleagues in forums, blogs and bespoke community workspaces.

Project managemen

Project management

Projects are managed collaboratively, reducing email traffic, minimising document version control issues and increasing participation.

Access and security controls

Access and security controls

All key documents are accessible securely from one central hub, reducing time spent reproducing or searching for content.

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration

A central location for documents, files and other team resources allows teams working across dispersed geographies or different office locations to collaborate and participate more easily.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Users can build databases, generate reports, run data analytics and embed interactive dashboards into workspaces to track performance and assist decision making.

Group and community support

Group and community support

Groups and communities of interest can link up, share updates and stay connected, in one online space.

Team and process management

Team and process management

Teams and project managers can track key work areas through functionality such as tasks, shared calendars, audit logs and risk registers, and can access and collaborate on team documents in one place.

Information discovery

Information discovery

Users can browse for resources for specific topics of interest, contribute to discussion and knowledge sharing, can and subscribe to updates from workspaces of interest.

Starting to use FutureNHS

How do I become a member of FutureNHS?

  • Registering for an account
    The platform is accessible by invitation only, to ensure that it is being used effectively for its intended purpose and to provide a safe and secure space for users to share and collaborate on projects. Invitations can be made by a workspace manager who can send an invite to join a particular workspace, or by the FutureNHS Support team who can invite people with recognised health and care email addresses. You can request to join the FutureNHS platform through our new members page.
  • Joining workspaces
    Once you have registered as a FutureNHS member, you will be able to search for and join more workspaces. Open workspaces are available for any member to join freely, and restricted workspaces operate on a membership basis, where workspace managers can invite individuals or existing FutureNHS members can request to join. All open and restricted workspaces are searchable to all members, helping FutureNHS users to connect with other users, share information and build their communities.

Making the most of your profile and settings

What is my FutureNHS profile?

Your profile details information about you and your preferences. You can add as much or as little information about yourself and your role as you wish. You can also easily update your profile at any time.

The more information you provide about your role, where you work, what you are interested in and expertise you have, can help other FutureNHS members connect with you, helping to build your networks and connections.

How does membership and permissions work?

You become a member of a workspace when you accept an invitation to join sent to you by a workspace manager, or when a workspace manager approves your request to join a workspace. See 'How does FutureNHS work?' to understand this further.

Within workspaces, items (such as folders or documents) can have defined permissions to control who may upload, view, modify, comment on or delete content.

Login and password

How do I login to my FutureNHS account?

Visit the log in page for existing members and enter your email address and registered password.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, or you are not sure if you are registered to use FutureNHS, please visit the Forgotten Password page and enter your email address.

What is "Log in with"?

If you have an email address you can use your NHSmail email and password to log in or register with the FutureNHS platform. Clicking this button will temporarily redirect you to NHSmail to log in.

NHSmail is a secure email service approved by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Help and support

How are members supported whilst using FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is centrally managed through NHS England and NHS Improvement, who provide training, support and information for individuals, teams and organisations currently using and looking to use FutureNHS.

Members of the platform have access to:

  • A dedicated FutureNHS support desk, available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.
  • Regular training webinars to support new and existing members with using the platforms features and functions
  • Help and support: including step-by-step user guides, 'how to' videos and articles for all the different functionalities available and forums, where FutureNHS members can share their top tips and seek help from the community of platform members

My question is not answered here

Please send your query through to our support desk, and a member of the team will respond to you.

Accessing FutureNHS on the move

Where can I access FutureNHS from?

FutureNHS is fully accessible online through desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.

FutureNHS Collaboration Platform